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CEO, John R. Chen leading weekly strategy meeting.
CEO, John R. Chen speaking at PPE donation event.
Selection of Mascon Medical infection control products.

Mascon Medical is an infection control business that exists to meet essential needs in healthcare, business, and government organizations.

This division of Mascon, Inc., a 39-year-old strategic supply chain company, was launched in response to severe PPE shortages in the US due to COVID-19. Within three months, our expertise in addressing supply chain problems enabled us to bring in nearly 10 million pieces of PPE. We’ve kept our margins significantly below industry averages and fulfilled demand based on need.

Just-in-time inventory management has improved efficiency for decades. But during this uncertain time, when demand may again outstrip supply, many organizations must also plan for “just-in-case,” to ensure they have PPE – as well as disinfection and cleaning products – when needed. Mascon Medical helps you avoid panic buying, reduce costs, and ensure continuity of supply.

Of course, these products are worth little if not used properly. We train organizations in the proper use of PPE – and correct test collection, cleaning, and disinfecting. Based on lessons learned from around the world, our training goes beyond standard operating procedures to reactive SOPs for optimal handling of the “what-ifs” that may arise in the COVID-19 era.

Mascon Medical enables you to be prepared for a COVID-19 outbreak or related event. We ensure your team knows reactive SOPs for cleaning, disinfecting, and testing, so everyone is fully prepared. Mascon Medical Safety and Training Certification may be vital in avoiding another shutdown and navigating your reopening.

Via a partnership with Broad Institute, we assist in decisions relating to testing – including rapid COVID-19 tests and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests. We also help in COVID-19 test reporting and technology-based contact tracing.

Mascon Medical is ready to be your strategic partner for risk mitigation and enable you to navigate a safe reopening. Read the press release here.

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